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Brady on Breitbart News Sunday: We Must Reopen Our Economy in a “Smart” Way to Help Workers

April 28, 2020

Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Joel Pollak on SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Sunday” to discuss the CARES Act and how we get our economy back on track after we lock down the coronavirus.

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Key excerpts:

“In many regions, not all, but in many we’re seeing a flattening of that curve. Governors, some, are starting to reopen their economy and they’re doing it the right way, applying full pressure on the virus but allowing businesses to reopen safely and in a healthy way for their workers and their customers.”

“I think that’s crucial to do both, I don’t think it’s a choice. We often hear from liberals that it’s our livelihoods or our lives, I don’t think it’s a choice. We can do both and need to do both.”

“Because clearly, if we don’t begin to reopen the economy in a smart way we’re going to hurt a lot of people who are unemployed today with an unnecessarily long, extended recession.”

“We have to get our fiscal house in order. I think it’s like any business, you got to grow your revenue which is what tax reform is doing, growing us to the highest revenues, near the highest revenues in American history. But what we haven’t been able to do is constrain our growth.”

“That’s one thing we’ve got to balance those things out, I don’t think either one party can do it by themselves. I think it’s going to take both but there’s no question, we have got to begin to connect our revenue to our economic growth, as many states do, including Texas.” 

“Congress has already funded over $700 billion to state and local governments, that’s more than we funded our small businesses. And that’s direct aid, state and local government, state unemployment funding, local hospitals, state and local disaster aid, local school funding, state college funding, local mass transit funding, plus we muscled up Medicaid 6% to help them through this crisis.”

“If someone asks, ‘will our economy be getting better, healing, in August and September?’ my answer is yes, I think it will. How much, we don’t know yet, I think, as you said, this next week or so is going to be very important, the fact that we are beginning a smart way to reopen gives me hope that that’s the case.”

“We are an amazingly resilient country and seeing 26 million people jobless in just five weeks is stunning, and there’s no question there’s some headwinds against us. But we’re also a country where people accommodate these things amazingly quickly.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview.

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