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Brady Applauds LaHood’s Appointment to China Task Force

May 07, 2020

The Woodlands, TX – The top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-TX) released the following statement after Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) appointed Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) to serve on the “Republican China Task Force”:

“As co-chair of the bipartisan U.S. China Working Group and a highly respected member on the Ways and Means Committee, Darin LaHood is a perfect choice for this role. Darin is experienced, knowledgeable and always works to put America’s interests first as we tackle the challenges – and economic opportunities – that we face when it comes to China. He’ll be a leader on this new task force, continuing to fight for the people of Illinois and all Americans in this role.”

Rep. LaHood said: 

“China represents an ever-evolving challenge for the United States, especially in wake of the COVID—19 pandemic and as technology and our economies modernize into the digital age. Since becoming Co-Chair of the bipartisan U.S. China Working Group in 2016, I’ve been proud to provide a leading platform in Congress to engage with our colleagues, our allies, the Administration, and the Chinese to better understand the complex relationship between the United States and China. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I look forward to working with my Republican colleagues to promote policy solutions that advance the United States’ trade interests, strengthen national security, and ensure that China is held accountable for their failings to combat COVID—19.”

The Task Force, comprised of 15 House Republicans, will work across congressional committees on policies to enhance domestic competitiveness considering increasing competition from China. The group will put together a comprehensive report with policy recommendations by October.

As member of the House Ways and Means Committee and Co-Chair of the bipartisan U.S. China Working Group, Rep. LaHood has led on issues related to China since joining Congress in 2015, particularly the need for a fair-trade relationship for Illinois farmers, manufactures, and small businesses.

The China Task Force will specifically prioritize Republican policy ideas and legislation that protect U.S. institutions from malign influence and coercion, advance the U.S. technological edge in key sectors, and make our citizens and society resilient to malign influence from foreign actors.

As the sole member from the Ways and Means Committee named to the China Task Force, Rep. LaHood will lend his expertise in trade and the economic relationship between our two countries to the group. Last year, Congressman LaHood led a Congressional delegation trip in the middle of U.S.-China trade negotiations to discuss the need for structural reform in the U.S.-China trade relationship.

Over the last three consecutive years, Congressman LaHood has led bipartisan delegation trips to China to engage with business and government leaders and educate Members of Congress on the U.S.-China relationship.

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