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Brady Talks With Maria Bartiromo About How We “Make Sure Temporary Job Losses Don’t Become Permanent Ones”

May 07, 2020

House Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Fox Business to talk about reopening the economy, supporting our businesses, and rebuilding our workforce.

Key excerpts: 

The key is to make sure temporary job losses don’t become permanent ones – that’s what Congress ought to be focused on. We ought to follow those same elements that created the Trump economic boom: keeping taxes low, incentivizing businesses, making sure that work pays for our workers. One of the ways we can do that is to help our businesses rebuild their workforces quickly.”

“Right now, the federal unemployment benefit that came out of CARES, as we now know, was too generous in some regions and some states in the sense it paid more to not work than to come back to work. We’re already seeing businesses struggling to bring their workers back as states reopen – if we don’t solve that problem, it will lead to an extended recession and certainly slow down our recovery.

I think there is a way to actually incentivize people to return to work, to accept those job offers from their former employers. Democrats want to expand and extend those benefits; we think those unemployment benefits could be turned into a ‘return to work’ bonus, where when an unemployed worker gets that job offer, they are allowed to keep up to two weeks of their unemployment. That’d be $1,200 to help them return to that workforce, help get that business get back up on its feet, to help this U.S. economy recover.”

“We also know that it is unhealthy for workers to stay unemployed for a long time—for themselves, their family, and for the economy, as well.”

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