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Brady: “This bill guarantees a prolonged recession.”

May 15, 2020

WASHINGTON — The top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-TX) delivered the following remarks on the House floor in opposition to Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion “Careless” Act.

Remarks as prepared for delivery: 

“What are we doing here?

“Our nation is fighting a vicious battle for lives and jobs – yet Democrats waste time bringing a partisan, political, and dead bill to the House.

“Never asking Republicans to work together.

“It’s shameful. As one House Democrat who opposes this bill said: ‘This is not the time for partisan gamesmanship, this is the time to find common ground.’

“Democrats parrot ‘go big, go big.’ What they didn’t do is ‘go smart’ to stimulate the economy.

“This bill guarantees a prolonged recession. It leaves 36 million jobless Americans behind, but delivers big for Democratic special interests.

“What do mail-in ballots, marijuana banking, bailing out failed union pensions, and releasing criminals early have to do with America’s struggling economy?

“Absolutely nothing.

“The word ‘cannabis’ even occurs more often than the word ‘job.’

“As we continue to battle this virus, Republicans believe Congress should ‘go smart’; our top economic priority should be to make sure the millions of Americans who’ve lost their jobs temporarily don’t lose them permanently.

“Because lost jobs mean more drug and alcohol abuse, more domestic violence, more crime on the streets, and shorter lifespans.

“We need to reopen our economy safely. Help our local businesses rebuild their workforce quickly and remake their workplaces so they are safe and healthy.

“Instead, Democrats encourage millions of Americans to stay unemployed – even if a good, safe job is offered.

“If you get paid more than your salary NOT to work, and have as good or better health care, why would you go back?

“But next year, when these government benefits all run out, don’t be surprised if that local business and job simply don’t exist anymore. 

“This bill robs precious cash from local businesses struggling to survive, imposes costly new mandates, provides a windfall to millionaires, and sends your hard-earned tax dollars to those here illegally.

“This bill imposes a gag order to prevent the jobless from knowing their affordable health options, uses your tax dollars to fund abortions, and chooses rebate checks over paychecks. How will this get workers back into jobs?

“It gets sadder. Democrats choose wealthy trial lawyers over our front-line health care workers, giving a green light to unleash frivolous lawsuits on hospitals, doctors, and local businesses doing everything they can to reopen safely.

“These heroes are already struggling with huge losses; fighting trial lawyers in court will only make it worse. 

“You’ll hear today about why we need to send hundreds of billions more to state and local governments – who, without question, are battling so hard.

“But did you know that Congress has already funded over $760 billion to state and local communities – that’s more than we’ve helped small businesses.

“Did you know state and local governments are struggling to spend all that money by the end of the year? As the Houston mayor told us: ‘I don’t need more money. I just need the flexibility to spend it where it’s needed.’

“Did you know most small communities in America haven’t seen a dollar yet because many state governments are hoarding this crucial aid – refusing to pass it on to smaller counties and cities as Congress intended. Let’s fix these problems first.

“Bottom line: This bill is crammed with special interest handouts but does nothing for the jobless. And it guarantees more jobs will disappear while silly political games are played.

“This is an unprecedented crisis, and so many Americans have been heroic. They deserve a Congress that works together to help them regain their jobs, their savings and their future.

“This bill is big – regrettably, a big fail for our economy.

“Thank you, Madame Speaker.”

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