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President Boosts Testing Capabilities in Rural America

May 20, 2020

Key points:

-The Department of Health and Human Services is set to provide $225 million to Rural Clinics for COVID-19 testing.

-These dollars will reach over 4,500 rural health clinics, expanding critical access to testing in these rural communities.


As part of the “3.5” coronavirus relief package, Republicans and President Trump boosted funding for testing – which is an important part of flattening the coronavirus curve. Patients in rural areas, where sometimes there may only be one hospital for miles, often struggle when it comes to accessing care. Through this funding boost, which will provide approximately $50,000 to each of these sites, patients in these rural areas will now have greater access to testing.

The Administration also announced that there is a $500,000 fund to support technical assistance to these rural health clinics. These dollars will go toward webinars, resources, and guidance for implementation and management of COVID—19 testing programs.

To view a state-by-state breakdown of this funding, click here.

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