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Michigan Republicans Call Out Gov. Whitmer For Failing to Share Federal COVID Relief Funds

May 28, 2020

Republican House Members of the Michigan Delegation sent a letter to Governor Gretchen Whitmer today requesting information concerning the allocation of federal funding that state and local governments were supposed to receive as part of the CARES Act.

This letter comes after a report showed Michigan is one of 32 states still withholding most of those dollars from rural communities.

“It was never Congress’ intent that these taxpayer dollars be kept from our local governments, many of which not only have urgent needs but also have the ability to quickly put these resources to work in rural and remote communities,” the Great Lakes State Republicans wrote.

“It is important that Coronavirus Relief Fund resources are appropriately distributed across the State, because it is the entirety of Michigan – from Copper Harbor to Detroit – that has been impacted by the pandemic.”

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