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Republicans Again Pick Brady to Lead House Ways and Means Committee

December 03, 2020

Washington, D.C. — This morning, House Republicans named Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) to continue as Republican Leader of the influential House Committee on Ways and Means in the 117th Congress.

Brady, only the third Texan in history to lead the Committee, led the first successful reform of the tax code in 30 years, negotiated an end to the ban on selling U.S. crude oil overseas, and led House efforts to pass the new U.S. trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

Leading the Ways and Means Committee is the honor of a lifetime, whether as Chairman or the Republican Leader,” Rep. Brady said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do to defeat COVID, restore our economy, end surprise medical bills, and make America medically independent from China.

Our Committee is stocked with smart, thoughtful members from both parties, and I look forward to working together to make health care affordable, lower drug prices, and encourage more retirement savings.”

Under Rep. Kevin Brady’s leadership this last Congress, Ways and Means Republicans protected people’s health, strengthened and grew the economy, and provided relief to families and small businesses. His Committee defended workers and American businesses by passing new trade deals like USMCA, repealed costly taxes on medical supplies and health care (Medical Device Tax, Health Insurance Tax, and Cadillac Tax), extended the medical expense deduction, and provided relief for workers, families, Main Street businesses, and health care providers in CARES. In 2021, Brady’s Committee will protect Social Security, advance GOP priorities in trade deals with the UK, Kenya, Japan, and possibly others such as the EU, ban surprise billing and strengthen access to telehealth, help Americans save for retirement, prevent tax hikes on families and small businesses, grow the economy by locking in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and protect Americans’ medical security by making America the top innovation nation in the world with support for research and development and American-made medicines.