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House Republican Wins in Year-End Package

December 21, 2020

House Republicans advanced a number of provisions and reforms that empower Americans:

BIG Wins for Patients with Ban on Surprise Medical Bills. When patients visit the ER or have a scheduled medical procedure, they will no longer receive surprise bills. And, for the first time, a true and honest cost estimate is required to be given to patients in advance of scheduled procedures, so patients know what to expect.

Tax Extenders REFORM. Led by House Republicans, we create pro-growth certainty by reforming the one- year expiring temporary tax extenders for the first time since 2015. It also makes permanent strongly supported tax incentives, including from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, extends other traditional tax items for five years rather than year-to-year, and eliminates outdated provisions.

HELP for Our Doctors. We increase their pay and stop two-thirds of planned Medicare cuts for certain providers. It also increases doctor pay by over $3 billion and adds new GME slots to help train more doctors.

SAVING rural hospitals. The bill lets them become a new Rural Emergency Hospital, which gives them the Medicare funding and flexibility to offer health care services their community needs.

BIG Wins for Small Businesses. We allow small businesses to deduct Paycheck Protection Program loans. We also include $284 billion in a second round of PPP loans and simplify the forgiveness process for loans under $150,000. Chambers of Commerce, 501(c)6s, and newspapers are eligible.

Making Health Care More AFFORDABLE. The bill prevents a tax hike and instead permanently allows more families to take advantage of tax deductions for their health care costs.

STRONG Anti-Fraud Safeguards for Unemployment by requiring states to verify identity and ending “trust me” self-verification. All states must have a website for employers to report when job applicants turn down suitable job offers, saving taxpayer dollars and assistance for those still struggling to find work.

BIG COVID Tax Relief with permanent tax relief to small business and families, achieving a grand total of $425 billion in permanent tax relief in the last year, spearheaded by House Republicans. We also offer more stimulus checks for taxpayers and their children and extend CARES help for students, teachers, and farmers who withdraw from their savings.

Helping Americans Pay for Health and Childcare Expenses with more generous and easier to use flexible spending accounts and dependent care flexible savings accounts through 2021.

Supporting Foster Youth and Families with more resources so foster youth, families and caregivers have greater flexibility to get through the pandemic.

Realizing the Full Benefits of USMCA so American businesses and workers will be in a better position, as we fix an error to allow for refunds of the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF). The bill also reinstates the NADBank’s status and provides for its capitalization and restores NAFTA treatment to Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs).

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