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Democrats Say No to Bipartisan Fixes to Help Crush Virus, Reopen Economy

February 11, 2021

Partisan Process over Bipartisan Success Fighting the Virus:

2020: Republicans and Democrats worked together on fivebills to achieve $3.5 trillion in relief for the American people facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

2021: Democrats and President Biden pursue a completely partisan approach, despite clear problems with the legislation flagged by Republicans.

Democrats Say No to Commonsense Improvements That Would Help Struggling Americans Just Because Republicans Offer Them:

  • NO to Helping Re-Open Main Street Businesses: Democrats rejected states using unemployment insurance funding for back to work bonuses (Amendment by Rep. Adrian Smith).
  • NO to Encouraging Workers to Return to Safe Workplaces: Democrats rejected incentives that help workers decide to re-join the work force (Amendment by Rep. Kevin Brady).
  • NO to Providing Certainty to Workers on Unemployment: Democrats rejected deadlines and phasing out unemployment benefits to avoid a sudden cliff later this year (Amendment by Rep. Kevin Hern).
  • DELAYING HELP to Struggling Non-Profits: Democrats rejected providing additional benefits to struggling non-profits otherwise neglected by their bill(Amendment by Rep. Lloyd Smucker).
  • NO to Preventing Fraud: Democrats rejected a smart solution that would reduce billions of dollars in fraudulent payments (Amendment by Rep. Devin Nunes).
  • NO to Protecting Americans from Suffering from Identity Theft: Democrats rejected holding harmless the millions of American victims of identify theft (Amendment by Rep. Brad Wenstrup).
  • NO to Prioritizing All Children in Poverty:Democrats rejected providing emergency aid funding based on the actual number of kids in poverty that desperately need it (Amendment by Rep. Carol Miller).
  • NO to a Hand Up for Needy Families: Democrats rejected giving Americans in poverty tools to succeed, voting against providing funding to job training as part of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Amendment by Rep. Darin LaHood).
  • NO to Reopening Schools Safely: Democrats rejected a science-based approach to getting children back in schools and preparing them for their future (Amendment by Rep. Jackie Walorski).
  • NO to Child-Care Funding: Democrats rejected providing federal child-care money to local providers, rather than allow states to hoard it (Amendment by Rep. Tom Reed).
  • NO to Supporting Health Care Providers: Democrats rejected protecting health care providers from frivolous lawsuits (Amendment by Rep. Brad Wenstrup).