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Americans React to Biden’s $2 Trillion Tax Hikes: “Stop spending so much in such a stupid manner” 

April 14, 2021

We’re beginning to see inflation emerge as President Biden continues to spend billions of taxpayer dollars and roll out burdensome federal regulations.

As a result, the American people are feeling the pinch at the pump, with gas prices soaring. But that’s not all – it’s getting more and more difficult for hardworking men and women to provide for their families.

Biden’s tax hikes will only raise consumer prices. Experts estimate that the energy mandates included in Biden’s tax hikes will cost American households $1,400 per year.

A panel of Americans had this to say about Biden’s tax hikes:

  • North Carolina female resident: “Washington needs to at least leave taxes alone. They just need to stop spending so much in such a stupid manner.”
  • Michigan female resident: “Right now, people are just starting to go back to work. If you put a tax increase on business, they will filter it down to consumers.” 
  • Nevada female resident: I don’t think taxes should be raised now. […] I am already shellshocked at the price of gas and already have had to make adjustments with the drastic increase that’s occurred.”

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