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Biden’s Only Hope: Striking a Deal With the Axis of Taxes

April 16, 2021

While the Biden Administration seeks to strike a deal with the Axis of Taxes to hide the fact that American families and small businesses will shoulder the burden of their tax hikes, European leaders are pumping the brakes on raising their rates.


Our European competitors understand what Democrats do not.

Biden’s tax hikes will send good-paying jobs overseas.

  • If Democrats ram through their tax hikes, job creators will “think twice” before doing business in the United States – limiting opportunities for working Americans.

By making America competitive again, Republican tax reform created opportunity for blue-collar workers.

  • These gains will be reversed, because foreign countries will never raise their taxes as high as Biden’s U.S. tax hikes.

As the Wall Street Journal editorial board notes, “Why would Congress do to American companies what European governments won’t do to theirs?”