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Reminder: Dems’ Green New Deal Tax Hikes Will Cost American Families Up to $65,000 Per Year

April 19, 2021

Unfortunately for millions of working families and blue-collar workers, President Biden’s “infrastructure plan” is better understood as $2.3 trillion in new tax hikes and the Green New Deal masquerading as an infrastructure plan.

This isn’t the first time Biden has attempted to push the radical Green New Deal through unrelated Congressional spending.

That’s because amid a devastating pandemic, Biden and the Democrats are determined to transform the blue-collar jobs economy created by Republican tax reform into an economy that slashes blue-collar paychecks and sends their jobs overseas.

As the Wall Street Journal editorial board put it:

“[President Biden’s] $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan contains enough spending and industrial planning that it amounts to the Green New Deal in disguise.”


  • Around this time last year, Biden suggested Democrats push for Green New Deal provisions in COVID relief.
  • The Green New Deal will cost American families as much as $65,000 per year.
  • Experts estimate that the energy mandates alone included in Biden’s tax hikes will cost American households $1,400 per year.