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It’s Time to Start Over on Infrastructure Reform

April 22, 2021

Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) today called on President Biden to start over on infrastructure reform on MSNBC’s ‘Stephanie Ruhle Reports,’ citing how Biden’s tax hikes will slash blue-collar wages, raise prices for consumers, and ship American jobs overseas.

The President needs to start over,” Rep. Brady said. “Let’s start with where there is bipartisan support: roads, bridges, infrastructure, and broadband have always been priorities for both parties. We’ve always worked together on those issues, why not do that again?”

Rep. Brady continued, noting how Biden’s tax hikes – the largest in our lifetimes – would land on America’s blue-collar workers in slashed wages and higher prices, and ship jobs overseas.


  • Republican tax cuts ended inversions – companies moving headquarters overseas – and brought jobs and investment back to the United States. 
  • President Biden is proposing the largest tax increase in our lifetimes – and would reverse that trend, hurting America’s blue-collar workers.
  • President Biden needs to start over on infrastructure reform and work with Republicans on a traditional infrastructure plan.

To watch the full interview, click here.