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LETTER: Ways and Means Republicans Advocate Leveraging U.S. Trade Policy & Ingenuity to Create Jobs, Reduce Carbon Emissions

April 22, 2021

WASHINGTON – Today on Earth Day, Republican Ways and Means Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) led Ways and Means Republicans in sending a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Tai urging the United States to resume negotiations to complete an Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA).

EGA negotiations would eliminate tariffs on U.S. clean energy exports, create U.S. jobs, and reduce global emissions.


  • Republicans strongly believe that American technological ingenuity and innovation will create jobs, strengthen U.S. green manufacturing, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the environment.
  • Other countries have high tariffs on American-made clean technology products, which makes American products more expensive, discourages their use, and disadvantages U.S. manufacturers and workers.
  • Renewing EGA negotiations would support American workers and make American clean energy products competitive worldwide.

The members wrote:

“Republicans strongly believe that American technological ingenuity and innovation, deployed worldwide through our trade policy, will reduce carbon emissions and create jobs. On this Earth Day, we write in particular to urge the United States resume negotiations to complete an ambitious Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) that would eliminate tariffs on U.S. clean energy exports, creating U.S. jobs and reducing global emissions. This is a timely opportunity to advance a broad range of important U.S. goals.”

Read the full letter here.