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Experts: Low-Income Workers in Jeopardy by Democrats’ War on Work

April 26, 2021

Despite the good news out of March’s jobs report, long-term unemployment is ‘stubbornly’ high.

The pandemic quadrupled unemployment, leaving far too many low-income workers on the sidelines.

Main Street businesses and job creators are eager to hire back their workers, but Democrats’ expanded unemployment benefits are crushing their hiring efforts.


More than 4 million Americans are considered ‘long-term’ unemployed.

  • The services sector accounts for 80 percent of the workforce and is the largest portion of the U.S. economy.
  • Republican tax reform benefitted hardworking Americans, resulting in the lowest unemployment in 50 years, and historically low unemployment among African American and Hispanic workers. 

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If Main Street can’t re-open and can’t re-hire, women and minorities will remain jobless.

  • According to experts, “if projections of a slow services recovery come true, women and minorities could be scrambling for work in 2021 and beyond.”
  • Top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-TX) has introduced a “back-to-work” bonus in order to help Main Street rebuild their workforce.

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 Democrats’ expanded unemployment insurance benefits and job-killing tax hikes risk our economic recovery.

  • Discouraging a return to the workforce risks the economic freedom and mobility of millions of Americans.
  • President Biden’s $2 trillion job-killing tax hikes will result in fewer jobs, cut paychecks, and ship U.S. jobs overseas.

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