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Culprit for Abysmal Jobs Report: Dems’ Expanded Unemployment Benefits

May 10, 2021

On Friday, the labor shortage revealed in Democrats’ April jobs report was so bad that CNBC thought it was a typo.

In an op-ed, the Washington Examiner editorial board puts the abysmal report squarely at the feet of Democrats’ expanded unemployment benefits, writing:

“Thanks in large part to the unusually generous unemployment benefits that the spending package put in place until September, workers in lower income strata are being given a mathematical choice that is a no-brainer. […]  The choice between working and not working for the same pay is an easy one.”

Read the full op-ed here.


  • Democrats’ expanded unemployment benefits are crushing Main Street’s hiring efforts. Discouraging a return to the workforce risks the economic freedom of millions of Americans, including women and minorities.
  • Our booming economic recovery will become a Biden-Bust. President Biden inherited a strong economic recovery that is being sabotaged by runaway spending and job-killing tax hikes.
  • To protect their economic recovery, states are opting out of federal unemployment benefits. Other states are anticipated to follow the lead of Arkansas, Montana, and South Carolina – all of which have opted out of federal benefits to protect their states’ economic recovery.
  • Republicans are fighting for American jobs against Democrats’ War on Work. A “back-to-work” bonus would help Main Street re-open and re-build their workforce.