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Americans Brace for a Long, Hot Summer of Rapidly Increasing Costs

June 10, 2021

Summer is right around the corner and though there should be a lot to look forward to, with vaccinations readily available and Main Street reopening, Democrats’ stealth tax is burning holes in Americans’ wallets at every turn – reminding many Americans of the dog days of 1970s inflation.

With consumer prices jumping 5 percent – the fastest spike since the summer of 2008 – America’s working families are seeing their wage gains wiped out with increasing costs.

Democrats call this inflation “transitory” but it doesn’t feel transitory for cash-strapped families at the grocery checkout counter.

For the sake of our recovery, it’s time for Democrats’ emergency spending and endless government checks to come to an end.

Even the top Obama-Biden economic recovery czar seems to agree, tweeting: “We need to trim stimulus now!”


  • Working families are feeling the pinch of Democrats’ stealth tax everywhere they turn. It’s no wonder consumer confidence has taken a nose dive for the first time in six months – or why a bipartisan majority of Americans think now is not the time to be raising taxes.
  • Looking at purchasing a used car? It’ll cost more than you think: In the last year, the price of used cars and trucks has climbed nearly 30 percent. Want to rent a car on your vacation getaway, expect to pay nearly 110% more.
  • And at the grocery store, you’ll see the sticker price has jumped again: According to NielsenIQ, the cost of bacon is up 13 percent, with the average price at $5.40. In January 2020, before the pandemic, the average price of bacon was at $4.72.

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