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STUDY: Majority of Americans Think Biden’s Booming Economy Is a Bust

June 11, 2021

As reported by Axios, a new study found that 10 out of 13 Americans don’t think the economy is doing all that hot.

With only 3 out of 13 residents saying that they felt the economy was “booming,” the majority said they “fear of an impending crash following the injection of federal stimulus money during the pandemic.”

Who can blame them?

An average family of four with both parents out of work will receive $109,048 or more in government assistance (COVID stimulus checks, child tax subsidies, and unemployment checks) through September of this year.

And prices have jumped five percent in May, the largest increase since 2008. What followed after? A Biden-led slow and agonizing economic recovery.

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But don’t think this will get in the way of Democrats’ Socialist Agenda.

With his push for another multi-trillion dollar COVID spending bill (and some congressional Democrats’ calling for more government checks) President Biden’s sabotage of our recovering economy is just getting started.

The study also looked at Americans’ perception of Democrats’ expanded unemployment benefits.

Turns out, they agree with Main Street employers that these benefits are crushing their hiring efforts (which isn’t a far leap, considering there are currently 9.3 million job openings – nearly one unfilled job for every unemployed American).

(Important sidenote: new estimates suggest that $400 billion in unemployment benefits has been lost to criminals – but Democrats have refused requests for a hearing.)

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The Axios report featured an employee in Florida who was laid off during the pandemic, who said that generous unemployment benefits made returning to work a tough choice:

“It was really tempting to say ‘no,’ because I made more from unemployment than I do from my part-time job.”

A resident in Georgia also shared stories of workers who wished they could take Democrats’ generous unemployment benefits, instead of staying in their jobs:

“I know a couple people who didn’t lose their jobs but were talking about how they wish they could. They were hoping they would get laid off (to collect unemployment).”

Bottom Line: President Biden is holding back our recovery. Our economic and jobs recovery cannot afford more runaway spending and crippling tax hikes.

For the sake of cash-strapped Americans who can’t afford basic necessities, and the Main Street businesses who cannot find workers, it’s time to end Democrats’ emergency spending and endless government checks.


The Numbers Don’t Lie:

  • Experts at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity have reported that in Washington, D.C. and 21 states, households can receive wage equivalent of $25 an hour in benefits with no one working.
  • In 19 states benefits are equivalent of $100,000 a year in salary equivalent for family of four with two unemployed parents.
  • Half of America’s states (and counting) have opted outof Democrats’ enhanced federal unemployment benefits in an effort to protect their economic recoveries.

It’s Not Just Main Street & Republicans Who Are Blaming Dems’ Unemployment Benefits:

  • A mid-May study conducted by Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris found 76 percent of residents agree “some people are staying on unemployment because they can make more money by not working.”
  • After the May CPI report showed another dramatic surge in consumer prices, Steven Rattner, the top Obama-Biden economic recovery czar admitted: ‘We need to trim stimulus now!’

Our Recovery Cannot Afford Dems’ Runaway Spending or Crippling Tax Hikes:

  • Ways and Means Republicans released new analysis detailing the unprecedented government relief Congress has sent to families – which includes a family of four with no loss of income receiving more than $26,000.
  • Consumer confidence has taken a nose dive and a bipartisan majority of Americans agree now is not the time to be raising taxes.