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Brady: Biden’s Budget Is Self-Admission in Slowing American Growth

June 14, 2021

Top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Fox Business to discuss Democrats’ endless, wasteful spending ruining our recovery and Biden’s global tax hikes that voluntarily make America less competitive.


Rep. Brady said,


“The Biden budget was pretty candid and acknowledged that once this sugar-high of all the stimulus gets through, America goes back to those slow, sluggish Obama-Biden years of slow growth of two percent or less. So they acknowledge their own policies are slowing growth in America, slowing jobs in America, and obviously are going to impact paychecks again.”


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Biden’s Economic Blunders Mean Inflation Like the 1970’s and a Recovery Slower Than 2008.



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It’s time to stop Democrats’ Emergency Spending and Get America Back to Work.


  • As President Biden and Democrats push through another multi-trillion dollar COVID spending bill, Americans have already received unprecedented government relief from Congress.
  • It’s time to end the emergency spending and government checks and get people back to work.
  • Biden’s unemployment programs is rampant with fraud – as much as than $400 billion may already have been stolen – and are keeping people from getting back to work despite the more than 9.3 million job openings on the market.


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Biden’s Global Tax Hikes are Not a Victory for America, but a Surrender.



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