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USMCA Helps Workers, Farmers, and Manufacturers

June 29, 2021

The United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Agreement gives farmers and workers an extra hand.

It has leveled the playing field for American workers and helped our country become more independent while expanding access for American dairy, chicken, egg, and turkey products to Canadian markets.

USCMA brought good jobs back to America and increased paychecks for our workers which is vital for our economic recovery coming out of the pandemic.

At just a few days away from the one-year anniversary of USMCA coming into force, the agreement is proving every day to be a win for American workers and small businesses, and shows that bipartisanship is critical in renewing trade programs and establishing new trade agreements.


  • USMCA was the first major update to our trade relationships with Canada and Mexico since NAFTA.
  • Thanks to USMCA, American farmers and ranchers can finally compete on an even playing field. It ensures Mexico’s labor laws are modernized and don’t give an unfair advantage.
  • As we rebuild our economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, America is better positioned because we have USMCA in place.
  • USMCA puts American workers first. At the time of implementation, experts predicted the agreement would generate $68 billion in new economic activity.