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USMCA Means Better Partnership Through Better Enforcement

June 30, 2021

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) puts American workers first by providing the United States with the ability to effectively enforce the new agreement and the new commitments that make North American trade stronger.


This means that we can hold our trading partners to their commitments to raise wages and labor standards throughout the free trade area, and to provide better access to the Canadian and Mexican markets so our exporters can employ more workers here at home.


Prior to USMCA, if we had a dispute with a trading partner, there would be little recourse. Today, thanks to USMCA’s innovative consultation and dispute settlement mechanisms, we now have tools to ensure that our partners cannot block our efforts to hold them accountable when they violate the Agreement.


Both President Trump and President Biden have deployed USMCA’s enforcement tools, showing there is significant bipartisan support for full enforcement of the agreement.


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  • USMCA contains cutting-edge provisions on digital trade, agricultural rules and market access, services, and customs and trade facilitation that set the bar for future trade agreements.


  • USMCA closed the loopholes in the NAFTA state-to-state dispute settlement mechanism that allowed NAFTA parties to block the formation of dispute settlement panels, strengthening our enforcement tools and ensuring proper implementation of the agreement.


  • The new and improved enforcement mechanisms in the agreement will ensure Canada and Mexico live up to their new obligations so that American workers and families reap the full benefit of this gold standard agreement.