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Ferguson: Biden’s Stealth Tax is Coming for American Families

July 12, 2021

Whether it’s at the gas station or the grocery store, American families are seeing prices skyrocket everywhere they go – and there’s no end in sight, warns Ways and Means Republican Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA).


In an op-ed for The Hill, Rep. Ferguson wrote:


“Inflation is coming at Americans like a freight train, and it won’t stop unless we pump the brakes on President Biden’s liberal agenda.”




Working Families Are Feeling the Pinch of Democrats’ Stealth Tax Everywhere They Turn


  • And it’s not just inflation Americans’ have to worry about – according to the liberal Tax Policy Center, President Biden’s overall tax plan will raise taxes on 75 percent of middle-class families next year, rising to 95 percent of middle-class families by 2031.


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While Americans Face Higher Prices, Nearly Half of All Job Creators Can’t Fill Job Openings


  • Democrats’ $300 a week bonus unemployment benefits, along with other expansions of welfare benefits and cash payments not related to work, are contributing to a record 9.3 million unfilled jobs.
  • Though vaccines are readily available and businesses are reopening, a new study shows that 46 percent of job creators cannot find workers to fill job openings.


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It’s time to stop Democrats’ Emergency Spending and Get America Back to Work


  • As President Biden and Democrats push through another multi-trillion dollar spending bill, Americans have already received unprecedented government relief from Congress.
  • It’s time to end the emergency spending and government checks and get people back to work.
  • Biden’s unemployment programs is rampant with fraud – as much as than $400 billion may already have been stolen – and are keeping people from getting back to work despite the more than 9.3 million job openings on the market


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