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With Bidenflation on the Rise, American Families are Falling Behind

July 13, 2021

With consumer prices at a 13-year high, Bidenflation is growing faster than paychecks, wiping out workers’ wage gains, and leaving American families behind.

Even former Obama-Biden economic czar Steven Rattner has admitted that wage increases will ‘mean nothing’ for American families if inflation increases.

Though Democrats will call this inflation ‘transitory,’ cash-strapped Americans at the grocery checkout counter will have to stretch their budgets to deal with these higher prices.

It’s time for Democrats’ emergency spending and endless government checks to come to an end.


Democrats’ Stealth Tax Steals Workers’ Paychecks:

Higher Prices Are Here to Stay:

Middle-Class Americans Trust Republicans over Democrats on the Economy:

  • recent survey conducted by Third Way/ALG Research found that majority of Americans don’t trust Congressional Democrats’ handling of the economy.
  • bipartisan majority of Americans agree now is not the time to raise taxes.

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