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Unfilled Jobs Crushing Main Street Hits New Record Under Biden’s Economic Policies

August 10, 2021

Thanks to Democrats’ endless government spending and stay-at-home benefits, America has reached an all-time high of more than 10 million unfilled jobs according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report. That’s at the same time as long-term unemployment has increased by nearly three million since the pandemic began.

According to the JOLTS Report, some of the hardest hit sectors include health care (1,502,000 unfilled jobs), food services (1,438,000 unfilled jobs), and retail (1,143,000 unfilled jobs). That means longer wait times and higher prices for essential food and services. It also means Main Street is getting crushed.

Key Takeaways:

Main Street businesses are getting crushed by Democrats’ stay-at-home benefits.

  • The July Jobs Report highlighted that the labor force participation rate has still not improved in 2021, which is a red flag for tepid growth ahead. It has remained within the same narrow range since June 2020.
  • While pushing his $1.9 trillion so-called “stimulus plan,” President Biden had promised 2.399 million jobs by the end of June based on estimates from Moody’s Analytics. According to the July jobs report, the Biden jobs deficit shows that the President is still 298,000 jobs short. 

GOP governors rejecting Dems’ expanded ui bonuses is key to jobs recovery.

A recent study shows that the number of people filing for unemployment is dropping rapidly in states that have ended the unemployment bonus.