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Brady: Families, Small Biz Will Suffer Under Democrats’ Tax Hikes, Dangerous Expansion of Welfare State

August 31, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Fox Businesses’ “The Evening Edit” and Mario Bartiromo’s “Wall Street” to discuss the tax fight facing Congress – and how Democrats are set to raise crippling taxes that will devastate American workers, middle-class families, and small businesses.


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On “The Evening Edit”, Rep. Kevin Brady said:


“With this surrender in Afghanistan, the last thing we need right now is an economic surrender to China and to the rest of the world.


“These tax hikes are going to land on small businesses, the middle class, and no question will drive U.S. jobs overseas. Even Democrats are starting to understand this.”


CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.


In a conversation with Maria Bartiromo, Rep. Brady said:


“After seeing the moderates just get torn apart last week, the question is whether there Main Street Democrats willing to step up and fight against the tax hikes on their small businesses, on their working families, on their energy workers, and on their family-owned farms and businesses.


“What we’re going to see is an economic surrender of America to our global competitors, driving our businesses tax rates to among the highest in the world, doubling our global minimum tax, punishing U.S. companies that try to compete and win overseas.”




Endless Government Checks and Job-Crippling Tax Hikes Will Sabotage Our Recovery


GOP Will Put Up Fight Against Dems’ Crippling Tax Hikes

  • Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reckless spending plan includes crippling tax hikes on working families and Main Street – which is the last thing we need as we come out of a pandemic.
    President Biden plans to raise taxes by 33 percent for 1.4 million small businesses that employ more than 12.5 million Americans. This will send good-paying U.S. jobs overseas.
    Both the top non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) as well as the left-leaning Tax Policy Center have concluded middle-class families will face higher taxes under Biden’s plan.


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