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BRADY: Dems Push Crippling Tax Hikes As Families & Main Street Struggle

September 08, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business and Yahoo Finance to discuss Democrats’ determination to ram through crippling tax hikes on working families and Main Street — even as President Biden’s latest jobs report showed little economic progress.


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On Kudlow, Rep. Brady said,


“They’re really pushing to ram through these trillions of spending and tax hikes through Congress as soon as possible.


“We’re prepared. We know that this will include trillions of dollars in crippling tax hikes, it’ll drive U.S. jobs overseas, it’s going to slow growth, land on small businesses, middle class workers, and family owned farmers. And the spending is no less damaging. 

“This is the largest expansion of the welfare state in our lifetimes, paid for with crippling tax increases on Main Street businesses.”

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.

On Yahoo Finance, Rep. Brady said,


“Clearly we all want a strong recovery, but this was a pretty terrible jobs report. This is more than just COVID that is driving this. We’ve seen, in effect, a worker-less recovery that’s not working very well for Main Street businesses who simply are struggling to find the workers they desperately need, or for families who are struggling with much higher prices.”



Democrats’ Tax Hikes and Spending Binge Are Sabotaging Our Recovery.

  • President Biden is leading an economic surrender to our foreign competitors by crushing America’s competitiveness and sending U.S. jobs, research, manufacturing, and investment overseas.
  • In what The Wall Street Journal labeled as the “The Dumbest Tax Increase”, President Biden’s plan to double the capital gains tax rate is attacking the investment infrastructure here in America, decreasing incentives to invest in communities and in the economy.


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The Last Thing American Families and Main Street Businesses Need Are Job-Crippling Tax Hikes.

  • Democrats’ stealth tax of inflation has sent prices higher every month under President Biden, and is only continuing to shrink families’ purchasing power.
  • As President Biden and Democrats try to push through another multi-trillion-dollar spending bill, Americans have already received unprecedented government relief from Congress.
  • Both the top non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) and the left-leaning Tax Policy Center have concluded middle-class families will face higher taxes under Biden’s plan.
  • Democrats have also called for raising taxes on the middle class and Main Street by eliminating the small business tax deduction. At least 21 million small businesses and their employees benefited by the more than $66 billion in savings this deduction created – but Democrats want to take those earnings to advance their radical agenda.


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