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BRADY: Small Businesses Fear Democrats’ Tax Hikes & Washington Mandates

September 15, 2021

After Democrats rammed their $3.5 trillion tax and spend agenda through the Committee, Ways and Means Republican leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) delivered the following closing statement. CLICK HERE to watch.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


We have worked long and hard these four days of the markup. Debate has been tough but respectful. I want to commend you, Chairman, and every Member of this committee in both parties, in person and virtually, for a debate that was passionate, but professional, and what we know will have a major impact on every American today.


If you ask why we worry so much, and have fought so hard against these policies, I got an email from a small businessperson in the Woodlands, named Mary Lou, who wrote me:


“I am deeply concerned by the ongoing discussion increased federal taxes and mandates on businesses. Actually, I am petrified with fear.


“These tax increases and mandates will harm fragile small businesses recovering from the pandemic.


“Throughout the last 18 months people like me, who actually produce and work, have struggled while trying to keep our businesses afloat.


“You’re in an important position to help protect small businesses and entrepreneurs. Please avoid tax increases and mandates that will harm small businesses in Texas and across the country.”


Mr. Chairman, I think we’ve been very direct and clear, in our belief as Republicans and conservatives, we believe that our government is wasting so much to kill so many American jobs.


We will drive prices even higher and hook a whole new generation of the poor on government dependency. This is, in our view, an economic surrender, to countries that don’t deserve it – China, Russia, Europe, and Japan, who are cheering this.


This will fuel inflation even further, and in our view and estimation, raise taxes on the middle class and small business, and breaks President Biden’s pledge to not tax Americans making less than $400,000.


We understand this bill will change. As the process goes forward, we’ll continue to fight for a stronger economy, for less inflation, and to lift people out of poverty the right way.


We know that there will not likely be a time for bipartisan work. But should there ever be—at any point in this bill—we stand ready to sit down with you at the table to find a better way forward.


With that, Mr. Chairman, I yield back.


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