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ADVISORY: Republican Meeting on “Democrats’ Welfare Expansion Will Fail the Poor and  Threaten Jobs Recovery”

October 15, 2021

Ways and Means Republicans will hold a roundtable titled “Democrats’ Welfare Expansion Will Fail the Poor and Threaten Jobs Recovery” on Wednesday, October 20th from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm ET.


The meeting will focus on the massive welfare state expansion included in Democrats’ Build Back Better reconciliation bill and how policies that foster government dependency ultimately fail our most vulnerable families and children.




  • America’s needy families need good-paying jobs, not more emergency spending and endless government checks.
  • Even though the U.S. has more than 10 million job openings and is facing a worker shortage, Democrats are making the largest expansion of the welfare state in our lifetimes and discouraging work, threatening the recovery of our post-COVID economy.
  • Republicans will discuss reduce poverty and inequality, including through strong economic growth, more opportunities, and growing the capacity of individuals by linking federal benefits to work and the skills that lead to work.


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with $3.5 Trillion Welfare Expansion




  • Paul Ryan, former Ways and Means Chair and Speaker of the House
  • Robert Doar, President, American Enterprise Institute


This meeting will take place virtually via Cisco WebEx video conferencing.


Members of the public may view the meeting via live webcast available on the Ways and Means Committee Republicans YouTube page HERE.




Democrats have turned the successful child tax credit into a no strings attached “welfare without work” program that will take us backwards. Twenty-five years ago, Republicans and Democrats came together to reform the nation’s broken welfare system based on one simple idea shared by people of all political stripes: the best way out of poverty is a job. With inflation rising and employers struggling to hire, the country can’t afford to relegate an entire generation of workers to the sidelines.