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Op-Ed: Polls Show Americans Blame Dems’ Spending for Inflation

October 20, 2021

Two-thirds of American voters believe that Democrats’ endless government spending is to blame for Bidenflation, surveys show.


American families are struggling to keep up with higher prices and overwhelmingly believe that inflation is a big problem (71 percent of voters) — and that it is connected to Democrats’ spending spree.




  • “This week, the Atlanta Fed projected GDP growth for the year to be fairly dismal. Unemployment is below 5 percent due to a huge number of people having left the workforce altogether. And some of those who claimed earlier this year that inflation would be “transitory” are changing their tune as supply-chain problems are making it harder to meet consumer demand.”
  • “In June, the issue hadn’t gone anywhere . Some 71 percent of voters said “inflation” was a big problem. When asked as “rising prices” instead of “inflation,” concern went up to 78 percent. And voters were still connecting it to government spending. 
  • “Two-thirds felt “increased government spending” had contributed “a lot,” making it the highest factor on the list, outpacing second-place “corporate profits” (53 percent) and rising consumer demand (53 percent).”
  • For much of this year, generous unemployment benefits made the cost of not working much less of a big deal for many workers, leaving many industries struggling to find employees. (Your local restaurant — already working on thin margins — most likely had to raise wages in order to get workers in the door, and then it had to pass those costs along to customers.)”
  • “But some well-intentioned provisions such as requiring higher wages for child care workers will just make child care even more expensive for average families unless also accompanied by, you guessed it, government subsidies. (And of course, whenever something gets subsidized, its price often goes up faster than even the overall rate of inflation.)”


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Bidenflation is a tax hike on American families driven by Democrats’ massive Washington spending.

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Struggling families need good paying jobs, not endless government checks. 

  • In what has been called the “soft bigotry of low expectations,” Democrats want to send checks to poor families indefinitely, and then walk away.
  • Our safety net should be designed to provide temporary assistance and invest in growing the capacity of individuals to thrive. 
  • No amount of endless government checks can address the underlying challenges families face. The best way to help American families is with good paying jobs, not endless government checks. 

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