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Brady: Workers Begin to Return as Biden Policies End

November 05, 2021

The October jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a decline in unemployment to 4.6 percent, 531,000 jobs created, and labor force participation unchanged at 61.6.

Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) issued the following statement:

“With the end of President Biden’s lavish unemployment bonuses and stimulus checks finally spent, more Americans are finally coming back to work. That’s a good sign, but our economy is still missing four million workers and inflation keeps taxing families.

“The Biden Jobs Deficit is now 709,000 jobs short of his American Rescue Plan promises, the labor force participation rate is the lowest since 1977 and nearly half of Americans believe a recession will occur in the coming year.

“If Congress rams through his $4 trillion tax and spending binge we can expect more job losses, fewer workers, and higher prices.”