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Brady: Democrats’ Tax Rates Punish Job Creators in America

November 10, 2021

Under Democrats’ tax hikes, the government has a greater claim over hard working Americans’ earnings than they do, Republican leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) warned on Your World with Neil Cavuto for Fox News.


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Rep. Brady said:


“The very definition of socialism is when the government has a greater claim over your earnings than you do, and unfortunately under the Democrats’ tax rates that’s exactly what happens.


“Many of these taxes land on owners of small businesses or what we call pass-through businesses. Invariably, that goes on to the job creators in America. […]


“The bottom line is: this is tax policy by villain. They just like to punish certain companies and certain individuals.”


Asked about Democrats’ SALT giveaway to the wealthy, Rep. Brady added:


“The bulk of that will go to millionaire households. I think it’s a giveaway to them, and the way they’re paying for it is stopping generic drugs for seniors. It’s a terrible trade off. […]


“Why would you raise taxes on job creators as we’re trying to find our way out of a pandemic? These tax hikes, by the way, will offset any economic growth from the infrastructure bill. America is actually a net economic loser when you combine the two.”