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The Average Family Has Lost About $377 A Month in Real Wages

December 03, 2021

“Since early spring, in May, the average family has lost about $377 a month in real wages – disposable income under this President,” Republican Leader of the House Committee on Ways and Means Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said speaking to Fox Business’s Larry Kudlow. “I would point out that while we are in a 30-year high over inflation, year-over-year, since the president took office we’re on a path for a 40-year high in inflation. This is why Americans rate this as big a concern as COVID.”


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On President Biden’s supply chain crisis driving prices up and slowing our recovery, Rep. Brady said: 


“If you wanted to drive energy prices up, drive consumer prices up, hurt the economy more on the supply side – in other words fewer workers to develop, produce, deliver these products – you couldn’t execute a better plan than President Biden has put in place. 


“That is why his poll numbers are plummeting. Americans have lost any confidence in his ability to heal the economy or deal with inflation or the supply chain crisis.”


On the Democrats’ Toddler Tax raising the price of child care for American families, Rep. Brady said:


“What they call the toddler tax is about 13,000 a year in extra child care costs that will hit families making about $65,000 or more a year. 


“Who can afford that at a time when you’re being robbed of your paycheck anyway? So, I think the more we pull the curtain back on this bill the less popular it is.”