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Dems’ Spending is Burning Holes in Family Budgets

December 17, 2021

Due to Bidenflation, American families have spent $3,500 more in 2021 to achieve the same level of consumption of goods and services as in previous years (2019 or 2020). American workers have lost three years of real wage growth (and about $377 a month in real wages since March), and the U.S. is tied for the highest level of inflation in the top 35 developed economies.


Newsflash: You can’t propose trillions of dollars in new taxes on job creators and think it helps the economy, and you can’t spend $5 trillion over the decade and think it doesn’t spur inflation.


The Washington Examiner editorial board points out that American families are feeling the devastating impacts of Bidenflation, and Democrats’ spending is to blame.


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Key Excerpts:

  • “Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and their Democratic congressional majorities don’t seem to care. They keep binge spending as if drunk, while threatening to spend even more. … Now, Democratic leaders are threatening to spend $4.75 trillion more in the form of Biden’s Build Back Boondoggle bill.”
  • “When Biden says inflation at the retail level has just reached a peak, that’s nonsense. The worst of inflation is yet to come.”
  • “If policymakers just return to what once was normal — ordinary levels of spending, interest rates that are still historically low but at least in the ordinary range — then inflation will abate. Until then, when your family keeps paying 14 percent more for its daily bacon than it did a year ago, blame Powell and the Democratic lawmakers. They are the ones burning holes in your family’s budget.”


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