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Brady: Another disappointing jobs report proves Biden bungled 2021 economy

January 07, 2022

Responding to the jobs report showing that only 199,000 jobs were created in December—less than half of expectations—Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) issued the following statement:


“Another disappointing jobs report proves President Biden bungled the economy in 2021.

“The Biden Jobs Deficit—the difference between jobs created and those he promised to create as part of his so-called stimulus from March—has metastasized to 1.1 million. In fact, studies show the jobs recovery was held back by Democrats’ economic policies.

“One thing is certain: His $5 trillion tax hikes and spending spree would make the economy worse by raising prices, killing jobs, and slowing economic growth.”


Details: The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its December jobs report showing that 199,000 jobs were created for the month, when expectations ranged from 400,000 to 475,000. Labor force participation rate remains unchanged at 61.9.


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