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Op-Ed: President Biden’s Trade Moratorium Undermines U.S. Strength and Competitiveness

January 27, 2022

The Biden Administration’s trade moratorium undermines U.S. trade leadership and hands our competitors a dangerous opportunity to get ahead, Ways and Means Republicans Reps. Carol Miller (R-WV) and Darin LaHood (R-IL) warn in an op-ed for The Hill.

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Putting trade on the backburner… 

  • “While we agree that ensuring American businesses and workers can succeed in the global economy should be a priority, putting trade engagement on the backburner to focus solely on a damaging domestic agenda undermines our ability to strengthen U.S. competitiveness around the world.”

…to prioritize Democrats’ devastating tax-and-spend agenda…

  •  “President Biden’s administration has established a moratorium on trade deals, failed to renew vital trade programs, and kept Congress in the dark on their feeble trade strategy. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to push their costly domestic agenda through Congress in a blur of chaos, disarray, and distraction while supply chains falter and inflation grows.”

…undermines U.S. competitiveness and awards dangerous opportunities to China.

  • “U.S. economic challenges and trade silence mean one thing to China: opportunity.”
  • “As members of the Ways and Means Committee, we recognize the immediate and long-term consequences of America sitting on its hands, while China moves ahead in the Indo-Pacific and throughout the world.”

The Biden Administration must take action now to strengthen U.S. leadership on trade: 

  • “With Phase One trade expiring next year, the Biden White House has given no acceptable guidance regarding a long-term economic and trade plan with, or without, China. Instead, they continue a wait-and-see approach with an onerous review process that is harming U.S. market access and opportunities for our constituents.”
  • “We must continue to utilize policies such as the U.S.-China Phase One deal and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) as templates for future trade deals in the Indo-Pacific region to ensure continued benefits to U.S. businesses, workers, and consumers, and as an ongoing example of U.S. leadership in the region.” 

CLICK HERE to read the full op-ed.