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ANALYSIS: Typical family pays $5,000 for Bidenflation tax; minorities, young adults, middle class hit hardest

February 04, 2022

Bidenflation is taking a bite out of Americans’ paychecks, costing the typical American family $5,000 a year, and resulting in minorities, young adults, and the middle class suffering most


Biden’s inflation tax costs the typical family $5,000 a year, according to analysis based on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Penn Wharton Budget Model.


  • The Penn Wharton Budget Model found inflation costs the average U.S. household $3,500 in higher prices on “the same level of consumption of goods and services as in previous years.” Lower-income households are forced to spend even more, the study found.


  • Inflation also pushes taxpayers into higher tax brackets, costing them more in higher taxes. Using a recent CBO report with today’s inflation rate, this translates into a $1,500 tax increase for a household earning the median family income.


  • With $3,500 in lost purchasing power and $1,500 in higher taxes, this painful Biden inflation tax is costing the typical family $5,000 a year.


Minorities, young adults, and the middle class suffer most, according to Wells Fargo analysis


  • America’s middle class families are being hit hardest. When sorting by income, the middle earners experienced the highest inflation rate.


  • American minorities suffer the most. Hispanic and Latino Americans experienced the highest inflation rate, and Black Americans aren’t far behind. 


  • Those starting a career or a family are getting paycuts. Inflation impacts young adults the most, including those just starting their careers or families. While 35 – 44-year-olds experienced the highest inflation rate, those younger than 25, and between 25 and 34 weren’t far behind.


Here’s the complete breakdown.