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Brady Warns Dems’ Crippling Tax Hikes are Still on the Table

February 16, 2022

President Biden’s tax hikes have been looming over small businesses for over a year now, and will drive inflation further – ultimately landing on Main Street job creators and their workers, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) warned on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business and Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power.”

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The threat of President Biden’s tax hikes is causing damage to the economy as Main Street businesses brace for higher costs, Rep. Brady said:


“Tax hikes have never really been off the table. They’ve been looming over our job creators and investors since President Biden misguidedly proposed them more than a year ago. 


“It’s already had an effect on American businesses and American investors, chilling decisions on investing and locating in the U.S., especially if we’re raising taxes while the rest of the world is lowering theirs. It has always been there and I think it’s still creating damage.” 


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Rep. Brady debunked Speaker Pelosi’s false claim that inflation was caused by the economy doing well:


“Inflation took off after the nearly $2 trillion COVID stimulus. It took off after that and has run unabated. My big worry is: we are on the verge of – or already in –  a wage-price spiral, which no country wants to get in because they are terrifically damaging. Congress needs to stop the spending and the tax hikes, and the Fed needs to get serious about reining in inflation.”


“Raising taxes will drive inflation further. As you raise the cost of doing business, ultimately that gets passed on down to customers, and ultimately to the workers of these companies who bear the burden.”


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Rep. Brady emphasized that Democrats are reversing wage growth under Republican tax reform:


“After 2017 tax reform, paychecks rose twice as fast as prices. Families were getting ahead every month. This last year, under Joe Biden, three years of those gains for families got wiped out in one year.”

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Democrats’ tax hikes will ultimately be passed onto working Americans, Rep. Brady said:


“Two-thirds of corporate taxes land on workers, who, by the way, in the past year have taken almost a $5,000 hit between higher prices and higher taxes. The bottom line is:it always ends up on low- and moderate_income workers and families that are struggling with inflation.”