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Majority of Americans Believe Bidenflation Is a Serious Problem, Not Just Media Hype

February 25, 2022

Democrats have tried dismissing inflation as “transitory” and blaming corporate greed for high prices, but Americans aren’t buying it. Now, commentators like New York Times columnist Paul Krugman are saying inflation is being blown out of proportion and it’s not as bad as reported in the media.

But with prices soaring and workers losing three years of wage gains, Americans across the political spectrum believe inflation is a real problem, according to a new poll from the Winston Group.

Earlier this month, the Winston Group found that 75 percent of Americans across the board believed inflation was a serious problem.

In thinking about the current state of inflation, which comes closer to your view? Overall Rep Indep Dem $50K-$100K 100K+
Inflation is a very serious problem. 72 85 75 59 76 76
Stories about inflation are receiving too much focus by the news media to undermine confidence in the Biden administration. 20 10 15 33 19 21


  • By more than 3:1, Americans across the board believe inflation is a real problem (72-20).
  • This was consistent among a majority of Democrats (59-33).


Bidenflation is crushing America’s middle class and Main Street.

  • President Biden claims that inflation has peaked, dismissing it as “transitory” and a “high class problem,” but it’s clear that inflation is only continuing to rise and hits lower- and middle-income Americans the hardest.
  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Penn-Wharton Budget Model have also estimated that President Biden’s inflation tax costs the typical family $5,000 a year, and, in particular, hits the middle class and those just starting their career or families.
  • With more than 60 percent of Main Street businesses reporting they were forced to raise their prices to keep up with inflation – which has reached the highest rate since 1982 – economists are warning the U.S. is at risk of a wage-price spiral.
  • For working Americans, in just one year, Democrats wiped out three years of wage gains through inflation.

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