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Democrats’ Policies Discourage Americans from Returning to Work

March 09, 2022

The amount of time workers have been unemployed has dropped by half since Democrats stopped paying Americans to stay at home.

  • As soon as Republican states ended unemployment bonuses in June 2021, the time  American workers were unemployed fell from 20 weeks to below 15 weeks. 
  • Six months later whenDemocrats’ monthly government checks expired and the average number of weeks American workers were unemployed dropped to below 10. 
  • Once Democrats’ lavish unemployment bonuses ended completely, the time a jobless worker was unemployed dropped by half – from five months to less than two and a half months.

As Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady noted  after the January jobs report:

“Now that there is no longer a barrier to work in the form of Democrats’ unemployment bonuses and monthly stimulus checks, Americans are finally coming off the sidelines.”

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Key Background:

  • Democrats’ expanded unemployment benefits kept Americans on the sidelines President Biden and Democrats’ ‘war on work’ kept Americans on the sidelines and crushed Main Street’s hiring efforts by paying the jobless lavish unemployment benefits, sending endless government checks, , and creating “emergency” social programs that no longer required Americans to work to be eligible. 
  • Democrats’ $2 trillion so-called COVID stimulus boosted inflation. In fact, after the passage of Democrats’ so-called COVID stimulus from March 2021, between 2 and 4 million Americans left the workforce voluntarily.
  • Democrats’ expanded Child Tax Credit discouraged work. A University of Chicago study found the CTC expansion would lead 1.5 million workers to exit the labor force, and that the decline in employment and earnings loss would offset the reduction in child poverty

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