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Why Won’t Democrats Work with Republicans to Address Inflation, Baby Formula Shortages?

May 13, 2022

When asked about what can be done to alleviate the burden of inflation for American families, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said “Back away from the tax hikes, and make a concerted effort to reconnect people to their jobs. That will help.”

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In a conversation with Jan Jeffcoat on “The National Desk,” Rep. Brady responded to the Biden Administration’s efforts to combat inflation:


“Yeah, way too little way too late. So I think the bad news here was that you said inflation for families was much higher than expected. Here’s what’s really sort of more troubling: core inflation, that’s without food and fuel counted in there, doubled in the rate growth last month. And so over the last three months, inflation in America is running at 9.9 percent, nearly double digit inflation. 


“As you pointed out, our businesses’ prices have been double digits now for five straight months. And so those price increases always end up in the prices consumers pay. So I think Americans need to brace for a long term, much higher inflation over time. And I think in my view, the Biden Administration, I just haven’t seen a single action on their behalf that actually lowers prices.”


Asked what can be done to address inflation for American families and small businesses, Rep. Brady said:


“I would love to work with the President on this issue, but he just doesn’t have discussions with Republicans on these policy issues. So what I would tell him and what I’m fighting for is, don’t make it worse. He’s still pushing almost a $2 trillion spending plan that will fuel further inflation, and raise taxes on main street businesses. Those taxes will end up in higher prices for consumers as well. 


“Secondly, we need to get workers back. As you know, last month in the jobs report, which hit expectations, barely, but it did. Our workforce in America shrunk by over 350,000 workers. And so when you don’t have the workers to man the production lines, assemble the products, deliver them, or service them, you’re going to see higher prices continue for the long term. And so we’ve got to stop the spending, stop fueling inflation.


“Back away from the tax hikes, and make a concerted effort to reconnect people to their jobs. That will help.”


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On the Biden Administration passing the blame for the baby formula shortage, Rep. Brady said:


“Yeah, this is really frustrating. Obviously, nationwide, about 40 percent of the baby formula isn’t available right now. In Texas, it’s worse. Nearly half of that supply is no longer available. And so it’s frustrating with these open borders to see President Biden shipping pallets of baby food formula to migrants, but Border Patrol agents can’t use those for their own families. 


“Look, I just don’t think that’s what America wants. He needs to be working with the manufacturers and the hospitals to increase those supplies. The White House yesterday couldn’t even identify who in the Administration is actually leading this effort. So I just wonder if this is really a genuine effort to address this or just a little more of the political blame game.”