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Brady: President Biden Is Doing Nothing to Get People Back To Work, Making Inflation Worse

June 02, 2022

“They’ve got no one in their bullpen, unfortunately, that can save this game,” Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on Fox News Radio, discussing President Biden’s latest attempt to pass the blame for record-high inflation with Jimmy Failla on “Fox Across America.”


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President Biden has no real plan to address inflation:


“Everything he’s doing is out of desperation, including his new plan for inflation which is shrinking paychecks, a shrinking economy, a shrinking workforce, and by the way, shrinking poll numbers to go with it.”


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Democrats’ so-called COVID stimulus fueled the labor shortage and inflation:


“It was because of all of that stimulus spending. That $2 trillion from March of ‘21, right after the President rushed that through, drove inflation up in a big way. And as you know, it also paid a lot of people more to stay home than to come back to work. We still haven’t got them back, which is one of the reasons our inflation is still so high for so long.”


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Unless President Biden addresses the ongoing worker shortage, inflation will continue:


“There’s just no end in sight. One thing the President has refused to do is put any priority on getting people back to work. Look, we’re about two million people short of where we were under President Trump. There’s no effort from the White House to reconnect them to work. If you don’t have people to man the production lines, or assemble the products, deliver them, or even service them, you’re going to drive prices up, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.”


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Democrats’ inflation denial worsened inflation and made the labor shortage worse:


“During the Obama-Biden Administration, they spent the entire eight years blaming George W. Bush for everything, even if they were leaving office after two terms. This President is just following that same game plan. The problem is, everyone in America knows who drove inflation up, who took their eye off COVID, who’s been reluctant to lead anywhere in the world, including here at home. I just don’t think anyone in America is buying this blame game.”


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