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President Biden Has Driven Inflation From His First Day in Office

June 16, 2022

President Biden has been driving inflation since his first day in office, and his tax hikes will make it even worse, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “The First” with Buck Sexton. Rep. Brady highlighted Republicans’ proposals to lower prices, debunked claims that Republicans want to raise taxes, and urged the Administration to unleash American energy.

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We’re looking towards a long, hot summer of raging inflation because President Biden fueled inflation and will make it even worse:


“I’m afraid the President’s full of baloney. One, he has blamed everyone in the world for his inflation. The bottom line is, he’s driven it from almost the first day he’s been in office. Everyone in America knows this. Today he’s blaming us, I’m sure at some point, Johnny Depp will get some blame for inflation. 


“It’s Biden’s government spending that fueled inflation. His programs that paid people more to stay home than return to work. And right now, we’re getting a double dose of bad news. So obviously, inflation on families and workers is accelerating. It’s accelerating on our Main Street businesses. Double digit inflation now for six straight months, that means that’s going to end up in consumer prices. And so I think we’re gonna see a long, hot summer of raging inflation, and it is going to stick around for a long time.”


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President Biden has been fact checked twice on his false claim that Republicans want to raise taxes:


“We’re the party of lower taxes. Biden’s budget proposes $4 trillion of new tax hikes, much of which lands on Middle Class families and small businesses.”


“I noticed this week that we saw for inflation, seven out of 10 Americans think that over the next five years, their paychecks will not stay up with inflation. It’s going to eat away every month.”


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President Biden isn’t solving the worker shortage:


“Inflation really fueled with that nearly $2 trillion COVID stimulus, because it discouraged Americans from coming back to work. When you don’t have people to assemble the products, man the production lines, deliver them or service them, inflation goes up. 


“They were in denial all last year. They just said, you know, there really isn’t inflation. There’s no worker crisis. Nothing to see here. But Americans felt it every day. And right now, I will tell you under President Biden, women, families, workers haven’t had this bad in decades.”


President Biden’s multi-trillion tax-and-spend agenda would drive up prices:


“Even the Congressional Budget Office confirms that that’s nonsense. It will kill U.S. jobs, make us less competitive, drive up prices, and discourage people from returning to the workforce. So every element of Joe Biden’s leadership that has driven inflation, and now killed small business jobs three of the last four months would be muscled up. But actually, he’s doubling down on the very things that created inflation, and what will soon be a recession, thanks to him. So he’s doubling down on all of it. I don’t know where he gets his supposed facts, but they’ve all been pretty much debunked by independent organizations.”


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Republicans have outlined six steps to get our economy back on track:


“The President doesn’t think we have a plan, because he’s never had a conversation with us about how we would work together. So I would start with this: Don’t make things worse. Don’t fuel inflation with more government spending, which he is still pushing for. In fact, get the COVID-era spending out of the budget. Return to normal times here. Secondly, I would focus on getting workers back reconnected to their job. The President doesn’t acknowledge it or care. Thirdly, I would stop any government spending or increases beyond what we have in defense. 


“So again, stop fueling inflation. We also need to end this regulatory attack on energy, on small businesses, on families that drive up costs even more and robs from our budget.” 


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The Biden Administration needs to work with Republicans to unleash American energy production:


“Stop the attack on American-Made energy. Open leasing on the Gulf and in Alaska, onshore as well. I would start approving permits for pipelines rather than killing them. I would stop trying to go for much higher taxes on American-Made energy and rather than flying to Saudi Arabia to beg for more energy, I would fly to West Texas, and ask, ‘What can I do to help produce more in America?’”

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