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Brady: Americans Are Still Suffering One Year After President Biden Denied Inflation

July 20, 2022

One year ago today, President Biden claimed inflation was transitory, yet inflation is still raging for both American families and Main Street businesses, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “Washington Watch” with Tony Perkins. 

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One year ago today, President Biden claimed inflation was transitory. Today, Americans are still paying the price.

“It’s been a year today since President Biden dismissed inflation as transitory, temporary, and nothing to worry about. And here we are – we got a double dose of bad news last week.”

“For Main Street businesses, inflation’s raging. They’ve had double digit inflation now for seven months and that means we’re going to see higher prices for families for a long time to come.”

What country raises taxes as you’re heading into a recession?

“Five countries in the world are actually lowering taxes to fight inflation. It’s encouraging that Senator Manchin has called a pause on this $1 trillion tax bill, but my worry is there is a lot of time left between now and the end of the budget year, September 30th. 

“Look, there is no good time to raise taxes on family-owned businesses and farms, on companies that need to invest in supply chains to get these shelves filled again. We are going to stay vigilant against this until the end of the budget year. What country raises taxes as you’re heading into a recession? The answer is none, ever.”

Republicans have outlined steps to get our economy back on track.

“First, don’t fuel anymore inflation. Get the COVID-era spending out of the budget. Stop stoking it further.

“Secondly, make the tax cuts permanent for families and small businesses.

“Thirdly, get workers back to work […] We still don’t have the workers to assemble products and man the production lines and much of that is driving prices up.

“In the long term, energy is really key. Turn a red light into a green light, take the war away and encourage it in the U.S. The regulatory paperwork burden from Washington is driving up prices for them as well. Get all of those things out of the economy that adds to inflation, and we’ll start to see some real differences.”