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A. Smith: Americans Can’t Afford More of Dems’ Failed Leadership on Broken Supply Chains

July 25, 2022

Democrats and the Biden Administration abandoned American families and small businesses by failing to bring down rising prices while creating barriers to unleash domestic production of energy and oil.


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Ways and Means Republican Leader on the Trade Subcommittee Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) wrote an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, where he outlined Republicans’ Jobs and Economy Task Force effort to bring down 40-year high inflation on Americans, fix our broken supply chains, and unleash American-Made energy:


With a recession looming, the Biden Administration has no plan to address the crises facing Americans.

  • “For the past 18 months, thanks to the Biden presidency, people everywhere have watched as their paychecks have been whittled away. […] These increased costs will cost the average household over $5,000 more this year.”
  • “We’ve all seen just how high the stakes can be: An infant formula shortage left parents scrambling for months to figure out how to feed their children. The White House admitted they knew of this looming shortage yet failed to act ahead of time. […] Families should never have to experience the despair of worrying whether the shelves with be stocked with the formula they need to feed their infants.”


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  • “Another example is Biden’s refusal to increase domestic oil and gas production, which would significantly reduce energy costs at home. Instead, he’s bogged down the energy industry with unnecessary climate regulations and taken to begging foreign dictators for more oil.”


Republicans have solutions to move the economy forward – especially ending President Biden’s trade moratorium.

  • “We can and must address trade barriers to open new markets for the United States without sacrificing production and innovation”
  • “House Republicans are united in our commitment to righting the wrongs of failed liberal policymaking. Together, we will rebuild and diversify America’s supply chains, hold liberal regulators accountable, unleash domestic production of energy and other critical minerals, roll back bureaucracy so goods can get to consumers quickly, and force the Biden administration to prioritize trade and innovation so we remain dominant on the world stage. […] Read more here.”


CLICK HERE to read the full op-ed.