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Brady: New Build Back Better Imposes $300 Billion in Taxes on American Businesses as We Head Into Recession

July 28, 2022

Ahead of the Congressional Baseball Game, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) told Fox & Friends on Fox News that President Biden’s recession will get even worse with the Schumer-Manchin tax hikes on Americans and small businesses. Rep. Brady will be playing in his 25th game this evening. 


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Billions of Build Back Better tax hikes are back on the table as we head into a recession:


“They had taken tax hikes off the table and then they just put them back on, with $300 billion landing on companies that build in America. As we’re going into a recession, it makes no sense at all. 


“They have a bunch of Green New Deal subsidies in there. They ought to just back off.”


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The Biden Administration is in denial about the cruel economy and recession they created:


“I wish the White House had a vaccine for denial. They’re in denial of the recession, worker shortage, inflation, they’re panicked at this point. This economy is cruel and they made it that way.”


Tax hikes on American businesses couldn’t come at a worse time:


“Tax hikes on Made-in-America businesses as we’re going into a recession makes no sense at all.”