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Fact Check: With Inflation Raging, Democrats Celebrate with Misleading Claims on Rising Health Care Costs

October 13, 2022

A new report shows that Biden-Flation has hit a new 40-year high. Yet even as the cost of health insurance has also skyrocketed – rising by nearly 30 percent in the largest increase on record, Democrats are celebrating:

Skyrocketing Health Care Costs: The cost of health insurance shot up at the highest rate in history – nearly 30 percent in the last year – worsened by Democrats’ expansion of the Affordable Care Act which is fueling health care inflation. Yet as Americans struggle to access and pay for their health care, Democrats continue to make it worse by throwing more money at the problem. For more: 

Fake Medicare Savings: The average standard monthly Medicare Part B premiums have not decreased during the Biden Administration. Seniors are only getting a partial refund on historically high Medicare premiums they’ve already paid, a result of overcharging for an Alzheimer’s drug they could not access. 

Democrats’ Plan Will Make These Higher Health Insurance Premiums Worse. 

  • Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” one-size-fits-all Obamacare subsidies increase the cost of health care.
  • Between 2013 and 2019, the average price paid for health insurance (“premiums”) jumped by 143 percent. At the same time that premiums more than doubled in the individual market, deductibles for ACA-compliant coverage also increased by an average of 35 percent — over $1,700 for individuals and $3,600 for families.

Democrats’ Plan Also Kills Future Cures.

Bottom Line: There Is a Better Way To Address High Health Care Costs.

  • While Democrats promise to fuel inflation with more spending and fewer choices in health care, a key part of Republicans’ Commitment to America is more transparency, more choices, and more competition to drive down prices. Learn more here.