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Brady: Rent, Housing, Health Care Prices Rose Highest on Record Under Biden – And Aren’t Going Anywhere

October 17, 2022

Working families and seniors got a double dose of terrible inflation news last week, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, discussing how inflation hit record highs this week, a year after President Biden promised the American people inflation had peaked.


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There’s no end in sight as inflation hits a new record under President Biden:


“This past week was terrible news for both working families and seniors.


“They got a double dose of inflation. Main Street businesses are seeing huge inflation numbers, which means that can end up in the costs of everything from food, clothing, and equipment going on.

President Biden has broken his promises on inflation.

“Core inflation also hit a record high under Joe Biden. Remember a year ago, he promised the American people inflation had peaked and now it’s the highest on record in his presidency. I know he brags a lot about lowering health care costs, but they rose more in one year than in the history since we’ve been recording these things – nearly 30 percent. Rent, housing – same thing, the highest increases on record, and that’s not going anywhere soon.


“For a lot of Americans who are skipping meals, dipping into savings, delaying retirement, and looking for extra work to try to make ends meet, Joe Biden’s economy is a very cruel economy and they live it every day.”


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