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Analysis: Average American Has Lost $34K to Biden-Flation

October 18, 2022

Biden-Flation isn’t just robbing workers’ paychecks – it’s wiped away roughly $34,000 from the average Americans’ retirement account, according to analysis by economists Stephen Moore and E.J. Antoni. 

In an op-ed for the New York Post, the economists write:

“A year ago, the White House insultingly tweeted out that inflation is merely ‘a high-class problem.’ Wrong. The victims of ever higher prices at the store and the gas pump are not the millionaires, but the little guys — and, in particular, older Americans — whose paychecks and savings accounts get walloped.”

In June, Bloomberg reported that rising prices had wiped away 26 million low-income households’ savings, with these Americans losing close to $16,000 in Biden’s cruel economy.

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  • Biden-Flation cuts workers’ wages: According to Moore and Antoni’s analysis, the average family has lost $6,000 in purchasing power since February 2021.
  • Americans’ savings have been slashed: Unable to make ends meet due to rising prices, Moore and Antoni found that since President Biden took office, monthly savings have collapsed by 83 percent.
  • Retirement funds are getting hammered: Moore and Antoni’s analysis found that 401(k) plans have suffered more than $2 trillion in losses. They write: “the average 401(k) plan is down about $34,000 — more than 25 percent in less than one year!”
  • Traditional pension funds are also getting pummeled: Moore and Antoni found that Biden-Flation has wiped out all the gains for traditional pension funds from the last two years – which is nearly $4 trillion in assets.