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Brady: For Americans Suffering in Cruel Biden Economy, Taming Biden-Flation is Front and Center

October 25, 2022

In President Biden’s cruel economy, half of American workers have taken a net pay cut from Biden-flation, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Joining live from New York City, Rep. Brady outlined how Republicans plan to tame Biden-Flation and get the economy growing again like it was after Republican tax reform in 2017.


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Americans are suffering in President Biden’s cruel economy.

“The economy is front and center, and there’s a good reason for it. The Dallas Fed pointed out half the workers have seen a real net pay cut, on average almost nine  percent – that’s a month’s worth of lost wages. That’s huge on families. 


“Crime is big especially in a lot of major cities, and in Texas border issues and security are really driving it home. We’re going to see real gains among Hispanics, especially in border states like ours because their communities are paying a pretty steep price.”


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Permanent middle-class and small business tax cuts are key to House Republicans’ Commitment to America and restoring an economy that’s strong.


“Our four pillars in our Commitment to America are an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future built on freedom, and a government that is accountable. You’re going to see a focus on less government spending, taxes, and regulation that fuel inflation, and more workers, more energy, and more innovation that can help drive inflation down.”


Under Republican Tax Reform, wages grew for all Americans, business investment soared, and corporate tax revenues rose to record highs. 


“What I know, especially in Tax Reform, when we align on economic issues, working families benefit from that. 


“We created more opportunities, culturally and socially, with a strong economy, we lifted 6 million people out of poverty, income inequality began to shrink for the first time in half a century, and household income soared.”


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