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Brady: Republicans Will Deliver an Economy That’s Strong

November 09, 2022

In Republicans’ Commitment to America, they’ll focus on less government spending, less taxes and regulation that drive inflation, more American-Made energy, and more workers connected to jobs, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power” in a conversation with David Westin.


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Republicans’ Commitment to America will deliver an economy that’s strong.


“In our Commitment to America one of the four pillars is an economy that’s strong. What you’ll see is a focus on less government spending, less taxes and regulation that drive inflation, and more American-Made energy, more workers reconnected to their jobs, and more innovation that can reduce inflation. 


“You’ll see a major effort economically along those lines. You’ll also see an effort to anchor more manufacturing here in America, running through our allies around the world, and the China Task Force that’s going to lay out an agenda for confronting China’s economic aggression and predatory trade practices.”


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President Biden fueled inflation and has doubled down on more spending that will make it worse.


“What I would argue for is for Congress not to just sit by as the Fed is trying to tame President Biden’s inflation. I think supply-side changes that actually reconnect more workers, that provide more investment in supply-chain technology, equipment, and innovation. These are things we can do to help ease the pain from the Federal Reserve’s efforts to break the Biden inflation. 


“Right now, the Democrats at least in Congress have sort of doubled down on this with more spending, more taxes, and more regulation. We think we’d like to work with the President to tame inflation if he’s willing to do so.”


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Making Republican tax cuts permanent is key to fixing Biden’s cruel economy.


“The focus is making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent. Those family and small business provisions expire in four years. So certainly one of the high priorities for Republicans will be to make sure that doesn’t expire four years from now. 


“Keeping the current tax code in place isn’t inflationary. In fact, what we saw under the previous administration was wages were going up twice as fast as inflation under President Trump. It’s really only after President Biden took office that we were seeing right now what is a very cruel economy for a lot of Americans.”


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